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I'm ALIVE! *Jurassic Park theme song* *turns around in slow-motion to see my math textbook chasing me*

Hello my fellow book lovers,

I’m excited to announce that I’m actually alive and also buried under a not-so comforting pile of heavy school work. I honestly have still been lurking on the blog tho and I’ve gotta say that I’ve absolutely loved some reviews this month (*cue adding multiple books to my Christmas wishlist*).

Anywho, I’m extremely excited to be a part of the Lit Club for this upcoming month and let me tell you all how much of a rollercoaster ride the book is. I’ve laughed, slightly cried (but it was the speck of dust in my eye, promise!) and also screamed into my pillow in frustration. I can’t wait to release all my happiness and frustration onto the blog – so get ready y’all.

Well, now I need to go and recharge all the energy that I just used up. Excuse me for a while.

Be back soon!

Lots of Love,


*cue glitter being sprinkled in the air*

*cue the fast and furious soundtrack as I scoot backwards on a wheely chair*